Altering the shadowing on displacements

Hello! How is everyone today? Good? Good!

Next question: How can I make shadows on displacements darker?

Say I have a hole, and it is fairly steep, but the shadows aren’t very dark for how steep the hole is. If I want to make the shadowing more intense, what can I do?

Should I change the pitch of the light_environment?
Should I change the sunspread angle?

Thanks for the help!


Well after several tests, I found a nice way to tweak lighting is simply changing the pitch, and changing the diffuse value. Have a nice day!

Lol’d at that

Put there a black light, AFAIK, that is how mappers do it when they need a dark hole

That does nothing. Lights work like additive textures do. The closer to black it is, the less visible it will appear.

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