Alternate Alternative Ending

Oh harr harr, I made a comic… Imma shoehorning myself into places again!

Maybe, just maybe it was a good thing I ain’t doing comics that often? Or I’m so bad at it because of the inferior training…

Fun fact: When I tried to pose mad on his knees he got stuck in the floor, flew away, crashlanded on one of the computers and it looked like he humped it. I did take a screen of it but it got corrupted and didn’t wanna show up, along with 3 other screens… and gmod doesn’t like alttabbing.

That’s actually technicallt 3 facts… or 4 depending on how picky you are.

I liked it, posing could use some work, but it’s extremely refreshing to see good newcomers to the comic industry.

Holy shit aeon did you just make a comic?

Well i guess that’s one more person to dig-up from the graveyard.

Yes, yes I have… forgive me father for I have sinned… :v:

It’s been so long ago I made a comic… too bad my earlier one’s are all dead, some of the were actually decent! Also, rushing a comic makes the posing wonky, remember that kids!

Aeon isn’t a newcomer, but I can’t blame you for not knowing him. :v:

Good to have you back, Aeon.

Newcomer? I wonder what happens if I’m ever to release a comic.

Also, nice comic man. Good to see that at least some people still have the energy to make a comic. :slight_smile:

Ohmygosh, Gogi you lurker you old man. If you were to release another comic I wonder if it’ll be as acidtripped as the old days.

And thanks TH, I might actually make another within a decent time limit :v:

I still remember that comic by Gogi that ended abruptly with a photograph of a tractor.


Oh, and on topic, nice comic.


I made one comic in my life total, albeit that one was goodly decent. maybe I should try my luck again?

Quick question, is everything kinky to you, and you sure do love your kinky things don’t you? :wink:

That has got to be the CREEPIEST fucking thing I have ever heard.

Get out of here stalker.


I can foresee something in the Sex Pose thread, something about… double teams.

Yes. Or worse. :slight_smile:

:open_mouth: Gogi cooome baaack

Ah, the good ol’ times. Pity that there’s not much left of it here anymore-
Anyhow. Comic made me chuckle, have a funny.

Yeah, I must apologize, I didn’t exactly word it very well, he just hasn’t made a comic in quite some time.

And Holy shit it’s Gogi.

har? :v:

Also AEON, it’s been awhile…

Slappity slap slap.

Oh my oh my, people are actually commenting! And some of it has to do with the comic!

And yes Striker, it has been a good while…

And Wear, axcactly like that, yes.