Alternate Medics

Additional Screenshot

Hoo boy. been a while since I released anything, So I finally decided to finish these guys. They actually pre-date PFC carter, hence the nearly identical vest. This project has been collecting dust for a while and I’m glad to finally get it out the door. I’ll be updating this post with the Single Player version later this evening.

Enjoy and have fun!

Filefront Link

Single Player version
**Download Here**
**Download 2**

The downtrodden clothing, it’s from the City 8 saga correct? Anyways great job!

Awesome, dling. Been awhile J.Barnes. :dance:

I see some of my faces in that screenshot. :smiley:

Sweet, you released it J.Barnes, I was wondering when it would be released. :dance:

:dance: Thanks

Actually they were, but I decided to give City 17 some more love instead.

Besides FF, you’re the only other one that does good facemaps.

Good job.

I want to get back into skinning now, man. :smiley:

Awesome as always J. Barnes

Fuck yes, do it faggot.

Nice reskin.
Are they hexed?

It’s J.Barnes, of course their hexed.

J.Barnes never let us down!

Cool skins. Downloaded!

male_09’s facemap looks seriously messed up, especially the eyes.

The facemap by default looks like John Lennon. But the 07 and 09 in this pic are beta facemaps, but like super high-res.

The beta 09 facemap looks like Bill Hader.

this looks more realistic to me, 'cause they just took the Flak Jacket and put it over their citizen clothes.

Nice, I have been looking for a skin to spice up my Garry’s Mod.

As usual - good good.

Slight bump. Added a better screenshot to the OP, added an additional download link, and 2 links to the single player versions.

Edit: Yes I know I’m late. I procrastinate. Sue me.

I was gonna rant about bumping old threads, but since the creator did that, oh well. Nice.

any chance you’re going to add regular rebel/citizen skins?