Alternates to Network Variables

I’m currently working on a few gamemodes one of which being a roleplay gamemode and was wondering if there were any alternative methods of storing data other than using network variables as they tend to slow down server performance. I’ve experimented with a few other methods but have been unable read them from the client-side. The data will mostly be used for extended player data such as money, occupation, rank, inventory, etc.


if you want to store something that all clients can read, the only way to do it is via a networked variable. Otherwise, you can send the information to the relevant client every time it updates via usermessages.

Nw variables get sent to every player once updated. If you need to network some information to a specific client that other clients don’t need to know, you can use usermessages.

Alright, thank you. But, how exactly would you do this? For example to create a network variable on a player you’d do:

ply:SetNetworkedString(“Key”, “Value”);

How would you go about doing this via a User Message?

Try clicking the link in my post. If you didn’t see it, it was this one.