Alternative for XP system

I don’t like xp system
Cause it i think about alternative for it
and i have idea
in first day after wipe on RT you can found BP’s of low grade.Revolver,big furnance etc.
But After spending couple days you can found of higher grade like thompson or semi-auto rifle.
after week or couple weeks you can found BP’s of AK,Bolt action rifle.
so thats all
hope you enjoy my idea
and sorry for my English.

So all blueprints are on a timer?

I think OP is talking about something similar to an “Era” system that was highlighted in community update 77: The idea being that entire server tech level changes as you get closer to the wipe, and more powerful weapons are unavailable until the very last era.

yep,something like that but you also need to research BP’s

Oh, so available BP’s are on a release timer

i think it will be better with adding some random in duration of era

To be honest, considering modded servers with the concept of delayed release of high impact blueprints already exist, I’m not sure it has too much room in the vanilla game. I am not a big fan of artificially slowing down progression, but it sounds like a fun mod for people who enjoy this type of thing (along with mods that remove certain items like guns entirely for role-play purposes).

And here another person that complains about something which isn’t even half done… :goodjob:

Seriously, let’s give it a chance. It hasn’t even been a month.

I’ve spoken with a bunch of ppl who like this direction. I’m almost of the mind that there are more for it than the few who are vocal against it.

So what happens when you join a server a couple days before a wipe? Do you get all the higher tier stuff?

So the first weeks of a new server you’ll find sleepers everywhere. And after a few weeks the server come a live and kicking. Because every player will find the best gear after that time. So why play before that time?

And a big furnace shouldn’t be low grade, but high or very high grade :stuck_out_tongue: