Alternative G-man wallpaper

Was just playing around with in-game overlays and colours, and suddenly thought ‘Hey, this looks quite nice!’
All done in-game with maxed out settings. It’s not supposed to be all smooth.

Scaled-down version: (800x500)

Full version: (1680x1050)

Would be better if the G-Man was sharper. The edges are kind of blurry.

Sort of supposed to be like that. I don’t have photoshop anymore, so I had to do it all in-game.

I would expect it to be sharp if it was in-game. It sort of looks like you have applied some depth of field that isn’t focusing on the G-Man.

I played with some overlays, but not depth of field. I chose not to remove whatever overlay that caused the blur as I felt it would get a bit too generic. I enjoy images with slightly rough edges, though without looking like it lacks AA.