Alternative mod to pointshop?

Hey. Is there any mod/script that is like pointshop, that has the same ingame currency and purchase feature as pointshop?

I cant use pointshop on my server since the time it would take for me to set it up, I would become a pensioner so is there any alt version?


Time? It’s literally just drag into your addons folder and it’s done.

Yeah i know that but setting it up,with over 20 weapon packs including all the m9k weapons, that is very time consuming

Either go through the time to set it up or don’t use that many weapon packs – God knows why you are. There really isn’t an alternative.

I run a war server and having a hefty amount of weapon packs help keep players on the server since the variation between them all help a lot when it comes to them enjoying their time on the server but i guess i will have to go through the painful process of adding them manually :confused:

Even if you add every single M9K weapon pack it shouldn’t take you more than 2 hours (Tops) if you know what you’re doing

Having that many weapon packs will do you more harm than good imo. Just stick with minimalism, then add others later if you really need to because your players are moaning or something

I mean even if you found a viable alternative to PointShop it would still take you the same amount of time to set up the shop with all those weapons.