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I was thinking maybe it would be an idea to have an alternative to for news. Something a little less formal. It seems now that is more a place for showing addons and maps rather than finding out more about the community that is there. If anyone is interested pm me otherwise discuss.

What, you’re starting your own News site?


We always have been doing community releases.

That’s not what he meant. He feels that we should be focusing less on new releases of addons, maps, etc, and focus on the community itself (servers, fansites, etc), not what it churns out.

-saw your edit-

If a community wants news about them released, they should submit a new article about it.

If memory serves, there have been a few articles around community servers in the past.

Um, have you checked That is the place for News about Gmod and shit.

We have a part for Links where you can submit your fansites / clan websites.

Its not a place for news, its his blog that he posts information about him on. There is nothing nor no one that goes around and looks for gamemodes that aren’t advertised on facepunch. There is no one anymore that goes round finding out what we have to look forward to and there is no longer anyone that goes round interviewing some of the people who run communities at current and possibly some you should avoid. Yes you could make your own post on but yes you could say the administration is bias in what it wants people to know and is too formal in the way it writes its post which all seem to be about new addons new maps and new server hosts.

Understand that we do our best to write news on whatever is interesting. You have a valid point about there not being many stuff such as interviews but there aren’t many people to interview, and we can’t constantly bug the same people for interviews. We are not bias in what we writing, as one of the reasons we are formal is to block out any self opinions on our reviews. I don’t get why you’re saying it’s not based around the community ,as what we mainly do is talk about communtiy releases.

If they wanted their Community on they would submit their own article. But we rarely get any of those…

We are always open to communitys who want to showcase themself, we even had about 2-3 servers in the news over the last months, but you must understand that we are surely not going to promote any DarkRP server and that we dont have the time to check all communities to possibly then write an artice. As long as no article is submit or we happen to notice it on our own, we will, most likely, not post about communities/servers because we simply dont know about them.

Also, if anyone submits an article on his, I will check it out for sure.

Its not about wanting, its nice to know that you have been recognized and it also gives a better impression if an admin makes a post rather than someone else.

I suppose if you really wanted to start something you could Review communities in someway making some attempt to contact then first hand to tell them if they would be interested.

In reply to Cobra…

I can understand that there are many communities but to say that 5 admins have posted in this thread and the current front page is addon/map/path releases. Surly with a group effort something interesting to read could be made.

It’s hard to find Communities that stick out, which is just Different then the rest then all those DarkRP servers / Sandbox servers that are pretty much the same.

People wouldn’t care about Generic communities and that would most likely direct attention AWAY from the community,

does this idea seem more legible now that isnt going to be community news lol :stuck_out_tongue: