Alternative purchasing method?

the payment method for the game (the dutch auction) that goes slowly down would be cool if i lived in the right time zone.
but unfortunately i live in Australia(MATE) so when the game is at the time when everyone buys it, in Australia that’s like 3am-5am so its not really the most convenient time to purchase the game so i havent though Rust looks really fun and also looks like it has an absolute shit ton of potential but guys please for Australia (and other inconvenient time zones) here’s my idea for an alternate payment option.
leave the dutch auction and have a buy button next to it with a box to put in how much you want to pay and when the auction gets to your amount eg $25 and there’s still a key left you get it if there isn’t a key left you wait till the next day and if it gets to the amount again eg $25 you get it and if there is no key it keeps going.

then again you could just add an option to buy it for like $30.

tell me what you think of this idea.:slight_smile:

I live in NZ, and I just got my key by getting up early.
Im sure you’re only a couple of hours behind or infront of me.
So theres not really a problem.

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That’s precisely the reverse of a normal auction. It’s also a Dutch auction where you can be lazy, and why should you get an advantage over people that are actually making the effort to go to the auction page?

If you want the game, put some effort into it. If you can’t be assed to wake up for five minutes to see if there are any keys left by the time it’s at $X price, you obviously don’t want Rust that much.

i do wake up but most of the time like five mins later there sold out and im still half asleep

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i guess ill just have to get up earlier

I only need to wake up at 9-10 since they changed the keys to 250, so normally they sell out at about $20

The keys usually sell out between $40-$30 USD. If you’re waking up and logging in 5 minutes before it sells out, you should attempt to wake up a few minutes earlier than you previously woke up and have a cup of coffee. Sit there and check the forums and wait, just like every other person who is doing so. In the US, the price is around this point right when I am at work. I planned ahead and purchased on a break. Everyone in the world has something going on every second of every minute of every hour of every day. It’s just as fair for you as it is for myself.

General lifehacking tip: If you want to wake yourself up, get up, drink a bit of cold water, and then walk around. The physical activity will signal to your body that it’s not naptime, it’s go time and you need to be at least somewhat alert. (Too much will wake you up fully, and then you’ll be awake for another hour or w/e after getting your Rust key, so don’t overdo it if you’re getting up at something like 4am local time to hit the auction at the price you want.)

It was 10:30am in new Zealand and they still had keys available. I’m confused… why would that be hard to “wake up early” for?

His excuses

As it seems green apple is a lot more effective than coffee! (read it on a serious article)


its okay i got up at five and finally bought the game its awesome!

Be ready to have a bloody… Ermm sorry, warm welcome :slight_smile:

I have officially had my bloody welome ( and i hope th devs can further suppress the KOS frenzy)