Alternative to AdvDupe?

Just wondering if there is another stool that works on Linux and will load dupes from the Adv Duplicator? Thanks.


Lol thanks but I tried that. Found an old version of AdvDupe and it seems to work great, so I’ll just use that instead of the SVN.

you decided to use an old version (possibly the one with the lua_run exploit)

what could go wrong?!

I used one that’s on and still has like 22 downloads a week. I’m pretty sure it’ll be fine.

It won’t be fine at all. The only reason it has a few dls a week are because uninformed people like you keep downloading it. Advanced Duplicator is an archaic and broken addon that no serious builder should be using anymore. It doesn’t save properly, it’s filled with bugs, and it hasn’t been updated in ages. You’d be a fool to use it.

And also, it’s packaged with Wiremod, which is the only secure way to get it. Uploading it to is not authorized by the creator, so supporting the download isn’t just an idiotic move but also an unethical one on your part.

Okay, then what would you suggest I use to save my stuff? Is there a similar tool that works better than AdvDupe?

Btw, I installed the SVN version again and for some reason it’s working. Wish I knew why so I could keep it from breaking again.

EDIT: Screw it, I’ll just use whatever works and worry about it when it stops working.

I’d personally suggest Advanced Duplicator 2, since it’s actively supported by the developer and it saves contraptions perfectly. Honestly, though, unless you experience problems with saggy constraints and such, plain old Advanced Duplicator should technically work just fine if you have the latest.

Good luck and happy building. Sorry if I got snappy there for a second, lotta shit going on recently.