Alternative to carve?

As you can see from the picture, this is what I’m trying to do:

I know, carve bad, all that, it’s there for illustrative purposes only.

My question is, is there a more efficient way of doing the same thing whilst still keeping a lower brush count?

Arch tool :slight_smile:

This is a good start to exactly the thing you are looking to make

Also some more usefull stuff about arch tool.

Thankyou very, very much!

Exactly what I was looking for.

You could also use a cylinder as a reference and use the vertice editing tool to make as close to the cylinder as possible.

Too much of a pain in the ass that way. Thanks for the input though.

The arch brush is helping me out tremendously now. I was dreading that all my pipes would be square.
Now, I just have to deal with a high brush count!

Then don’t make the arch have so many sides.

Then don’t make maps if you are not prepared to learn and go through “pain in ass”
Also you could use carve, and then use propper on it or convert into model.

Please don’t forget func_detail, at least.

That carving looks good. Honestly there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not exactly as if you carved a sphere or anything. Cylinders are always on grid, and by extension any carving you do will be on grid. You won’t get a lower brushcount than the amount of interior faces anyways, and carve finds the optimal amount of slices.

That carving looks bad. and will rape vvis if its not func_detailed.

A resized cylinder won’t be on grid.
Carve does not do ANYTHING in an optimal manner.

In general, anything carve can do, clip can do a whole lot better and cleaner.

amen brother!

Do tell how you would go about clipping that.


Au contraire, carve calculates the optimal- well- carving. And you’re not supposed to resize cylinders. A custom clipping won’t be on grid either if you resize it dummy.

Well, you really don’t need that many sides for something like that anyway. Overall, it’s just good practice to stay away from carve. Use arch or clip and/or the vertice editing tool.

Carve is a buggy and shit algorithm that makes hundreds of malformed brushes that are generally shit. Carve is shit period.

Wanna let me know why you feel that way? Carve doesn’t fuck up vis (assuming you’re not doing stupid shit with it), it doesn’t fuck up rad, doesn’t fuck up texture aligning too badly, doesn’t fuck up brushcount/vertexcount/et al (significantly).

All of that assumes you’re using it correctly, but improper use of clip can also cause any number of compiler tools or in-game systems to shit a lung, so let’s just leave incompetence out of it for a minute.

Carve is a tool like any other, and there are right and wrong ways to use it.

Look at these two. What makes one better than the other, apart from looking neater in hammer? every vertex is on-grid, I might add.

edit: I’ll get some mat_leafvis shots of carves from hell, as I’m sure someone will contest my claim of “doesn’t fuck up vis”. Do also note that, if carving cylinders and shit, you should be using func_detail to begin with.

the screenshots didn’t come out right, but suffice it to say: carved cylinder contained a single visleaf, in the shape of the cylinders, exactly where the cylinder had been. Even with the cylinders pointing at odd angles, the open space between “tunnels” was not cut up wierdly.

The only glitches in the visleaves occured at the 1024 unit marks, where all visleaves get force-split. Nothing you can do about this, save up the max visleaf size.

How the fuck are you supposed to resize that carved circle

Why would I want to resize it? If I want a smaller one, I’ll carve myself a smaller one.

How about you resize a non-carved circle; let’s see it stay on unit marks.

that’s just it, you can move the vertices so you can make certain parts smaller/larger. with the carved one, if you even tried moving a vertice the entire thing would collapse.