Alternative to TCADMIN game server panel?

I have a dedicated server (Linux) and wish to avoid paying $15.95/mo for TCADMIN, this won’t fit my budget.

I’ve looked at some cheaper paid alternatives such as GameCP which is $4/mo.

Does anyone have experience with other game panels out there either free or cheaper than TCADMIN which are recommendable for multi-server hosting on Linux.

Will suit you?

I found it on a quick search on github, it’s released under an MIT licence.
All you need to do is host it yourself

Their github page can be found here;

This seems nice. I shall check some reviews on it and look at the features a lil bit more.

Thanks for suggesting

I highly recommend open game panel… I use it and its the best one i have EVER fouND

Anyone know of any good ones that support windows? I tried Game but their support is nonexistent and documentation sucks.

I use that panel myself. It has a bit of a learning curve but I’ve found it to fit my needs. To get the most out of that panel requires some knowledge of working with XML, and being able to tinker around with the panel’s internal files is a plus. The nice thing about OGP is that it’s still being worked on and their forums is still somewhat active if you’re looking for help and you can find plenty of help topics already posted/resolved if any issues pop up (using the forum’s search or Google ofc).

Pterodactyl is a good panel - however, it is quite unequipped and not as ready for production as TCAdmin is - it will require some work.

Why exactly do you need a panel? Run your server instance in a terminal multiplexer and call it done.

Because some people don’t want to be bothered with all the nuances of using a terminal and instead prefer a simple click to install/start/stop/etc. their server? It’s a matter of convenience.

Because I don’t want my server managers to have access to box remote but still be able to manage servers.

What nuances? It sounds like to me that you don’t understand how to properly use a terminal multiplexer and bash scripts. If done properly it can be even easier than a panel without having to worry about getting the panel to work.

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This non-issue is fixed by simply utilizing users and groups properly.

How presuming of you, I learned about that all through college (even more so on my personal time). I was referring to it being easier to use a panel instead of typing out commands in a terminal is all (yes, this is a way oversimplified way of saying it). I’m sure with enough time and effort you could in fact make something more efficient than a panel, but that takes time and effort which not everyone wants to go through the hassle of doing.

Yes make it harder for yourself to be more hardcore. Sorry but we aren’t all complete nerds here

I would prefer to not have to teach users how to use a terminal and setup and install a server when a panel can do almost anything with just a few clicks.

Yeah that would be so bad anyways! Btw, my pal Sonicdeil18 is on a movie project and he need new maps for his movie, do you know anyone who can design any maps for the film?

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