Alternative weapon skins and skin choosing at craft time

I really love some of the concept art that’s posted to the devlog, and it seems a shame to me that so many neat ideas get completely scrapped for the final model for any particular item. I was thinking it would be very interesting to have a bunch of alternative skins for each item that could be randomly crafted and your player would “learn” them as if they were prototyping different ways to build the same thing, and then if you wanted a specific one, you could change your default selection to that particular model through a context menu (change from “random prototyping” to “model a”, “model b”, “model c”, or named skins, etc") to decide their final design. That’s basically what I would do in real life if I was inventing something, make a bunch of concepts and then make my final ones match each other.

I thought it was a good idea, but I’m wondering what others think of it, mainly I’m worried about how much extra space all of those skins will take up, I’m not too familiar with how large a model usually is, but I would assume depending of the texture size it could be pretty ridiculous to implement every concept drawing into an alternate skin for every item. Another bother i can see with it, is if someone is looking for a specific design, they would have to grind out the crafts for it, which isn’t too bad, but i imagine it would be nicer to have a more sensible system or to have all the craft skins learned by default

anyway I’m just trying to start up a bit of a discussion here about the concept, I think it would be very interesting. What do you guys think about a concept like this?

i’d randomise the skins on crafting rather than have it selected, but i agree with the concept itself. it makes gear a little more interesting:)

on a similar line of thought, a while back the team opened discussions on paid cosmetic blueprints that could “replace” the ones in game, so for example you could craft “jeans” instead of leather pants when you find the blueprint on that server. they also mentioned minor stat differences, which proceeded to turn the whole issue into a PTW kneejerk shitstorm, so it got (temporarily?) canned.

They weren’t even paid, you would have gotten them in a similar way to TF2 items, it was just that there was the possibility (which I don’t think Garry even mentioned) of being able to throw them onto the Steam marketplace that everyone flipped the fuck out over.

Allow painting on any object? Make your own skins?

Maybe add a “mesh” idea craftable from a note, cloth, water bottle and charcoal?

Also they should really make it so that in first person your hands are relevant to what you wear.

there was discussion about items made by players being sold over the marketplace etc etc. i can’t remember how much of it was community assumption, and how much was actual suggestions by the team, but it was a hell of an over-reaction.

So many cock guns and cock rocks

I was always under the impression/hope that garry was going to let you paint guns anyway, cause that’s a great idea and you can already paint everything else by sticking signs everywhere

it’d be cool to just be able to paint EVERYTHING and you could probably just get rid of signs altogether

but anyway, I never really saw the problem with having items in your steam inventory, but I guess if people really get angry about people selling them to each other, garry could turn off tradability or whatever, I think you can do that?

as for permanent random skins, I like that idea too, but I would much prefer to be able to match my items if you know what I mean? like once I get a skin I like, I can make all of my new ones like that to have everything match nicely, but I agree that completely random skins would be cool to indicate that you’re not always getting the same kinds of metal scraps and parts, etc, so every craft basically comes out different, and then really nice skins are a bit of a rare commodity that you could trade for to get your favorite, perhaps that would add a new element to the ingame economy where people are willing to trade more for their favorite gun base skin (assuming you can paint them anyway, it’d be the base skin sans-paint you’d want most)