Alternatives to Nemesis's VTF Photoshop Plugin?

So, for the past while I’ve been using Nem’s VTF plugin for Photoshop, and it works great. I had to replace a DLL with something from VTFLib at one point to get it to read newer files (Dota 2 etc.), but aside from that it ran fine.

The problem is that I recently installed Photoshop CC 2014, and it doesn’t include a 32-bit binary by default (you have to download it separately), so that side of things is understandably clearly being phased out. Unfortunately, the VTF plugin is 32-bit only due to being built with an older SDK. To make things worse, the source code was apparently lost some five years ago, so I can’t blindly grope around with the 2014 SDK and hope a valid plugin falls out the other side.

Is there an nice alternative out there that works under 64-bit Photoshop, or should I suck it up and keep a 32-bit install handy for Source Engine stuff?

I’d keep the 32bit handy no ones going to write plugins for vtf after this maybe for .vtex when source2 roles around this year I’ll be looking into that.

You could always download Nem’s VTFEdit which is basically a standalone version of the VTF plugins for everybody to use by the same author.

if you asked me for desktop version i rather used GIMP which is best alternative, And in browser Based Photoshop Online Free i used toolpic.