Alternatives to PayPal?

Hi. I am trying to start up my own server. For this, I need to open up PayPal for donations to keep the server running. I keep getting told of this, but there are some aspects of Paypal that pull me away.
-It was recently hacked
-It’s difficult to get it verified ( You need it verified by linking it to a bank or credit card to receive donations in the first place )
-It wants all my personal information but my genetic code

Is there some kind of alternative that server owners use to pay for the server, get an income of donations and purchase things from websites such as CoderHire?

<Sorry for the noob question>

This has been discussed many times; crypto currency would be an alternative, but in all honesty, PayPal is the only good and popular online payment transfer.

Yes, that’s the whole fucking point. It’s difficult to get verified if you’re under 18 and you don’t have a bank account.

And the point of this isn’t just to re-state what PayPal’s reasoning is, it’s to find out an alternative that I can use, if there is any.

I can’t imagine any place that deals with money online not wanting your personal information

Google Wallet.


Google Wallet or Crypto. Crypto curriences wouldn’t be a terrible way to get donations.

Balanced payments is very open with what they do, and I’ve heard good things about them. Stripe, dwolla, and crypro currencies (which you immediately exchange for fiat) are decent options too.

Unfortunately for you though, all of these (except crypto currencies) will require a substantial amount of identifying information before you start using them. They need this information to comply with US regulations, along with discouraging fraud and money laundering. If you’re a minor then you really should find an adult to register and deal with your payment processor for you.

it wasn’t recently hacked it was ebay and they use two different databases. And you need to link every platform like Google wallet to your bankcard or credit card. Of course they need your personal information so you are not a scammer and that your card belongs to you. This like getting a bankcard or credit card. Is not like your signing up on a fucked up forum like coughfacepunchcough

What’s the big deal about walking into a bank and asking to set up an account.

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Not all banks are free, and if you run a community a “personal” account is probably not what you should have. You’d need a business account, and to have a business account you need a Chamber of Commerce entry. Atleast, that’s how it works in the Netherlands.

And not all countries allow PayPal (I believe Iceland is really difficult with getting PayPal to work).


maybe Paysafe Card is available in your country

BitCoin :v:

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Wait, is the same as bitcoin? How many websites does this company have?

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Bitcoin isn’t a company. It’s an organisation.

You really enjoy hopping around threads going “eu na au as!11!1” right?

There are a lots of alternatives, even non crypto currencies that are better for the seller than the buyer.

However the sad reality is you WILL receive more money even with being fucked around on PayPal than if you don’t have PayPal :frowning: