Alto Saxaphone Model

I was wondering if anyone can make me an Alto Saxaphone. I’ve looked on fpsbannana and but couldn’t find one anywhere. If you don’t know what a saxaphone looks like or you just need a reference here are some reference pictures.

(If pictures are to big I’m sorry I’m to lazy to resize them right now :p)


Other Side:

Close up of mouthpiece:

Close up of neck:

If you can make this I will thank you and give you a cookie, I’ve always wanted to pose a ragdoll with a Saxaphone. :smiley:

Cool idea, would like to see this be done :slight_smile:

Also if you feel the image is too large use [noparse][/noparse] (though they’re fine).

That would be great! And thanks for the tip. :smiley:

Sorry for bump/double post. If anyone can do this it would be great. Don’t tell me that it takes time to do modeling I already know that, I just want to know if someone is going to do this before doing it.

This is actually a great idea
I’d personally Like the Tenor Sax(I play it :D)
maybe somebody could model an entire pack
of Brass,Woodwinds, Percussion and String instruments

This is an awesome idea, hope it gets done

There’s one in GTA IV I think, but it’s really low poly and shitty.