Always a server.

Hey guys. I’ve been trying to forward my ports for awhile, and was finally successful, I was delighted to finally have my own server. The only problem is that whenever I try to play singleplayer, it still opens up a server…
Is there anything I can do to get my singleplayer back. Its nice having a server, but not all the time. :smiley:

–Sir Michael

how do you know it opens a server?, if your giving someone the IP to your singleplayer then of course they can join! but your singleplayer wont be on the server list,

do you have srcds normally srcds.exe runs a dedicated server instead of gmod create multiplayer/singleplayer

Well, it’s weird, because, I didn’t even know I had a working server until one day I was playing singleplayer, and someone just showed up, and this happend before I had srcds.exe even downloaded…

go into your console and type sv_lan 1

that should stop them joining

ive been disagreed with oh noes lol XD ill look for another solution then but you can still try that, it might work…

ah try these also

sv_password lalalala
sv_maxplayers 1

that will make them need a password and if they guess it then it will say max players or something

Alright, I will do that, but I want the actual singeplayer mode, not multiplayer made so that no one can join. Anything on how to actually get it back?