Always draw an ent no matter where you're looking

Hi, so im using this script to draw a flame infront of my blowtorch swep

function ENT:Draw()
local Client=LocalPlayer()
	local attachmentID=Client:GetViewModel():LookupAttachment("muzzle")
	AP= Client:GetViewModel():GetAttachment(attachmentID)
local Jet_Mat=Material("/submod/effects/Muzzle_jet")
	render.SetMaterial( Jet_Mat )

the problem is, it only draws if im looking at where the invisible entity is
so, how can i make it draw all the time?
i was hoping to use the one ent to draw for all the clients, so making one of them for every client and having it follow infront of their view wont work


function ENT:UpdateTransmitState()

Aren’t you supposed to use **[Entity.SetRenderBounds](** instead of using **[ENT.UpdateTransmitState](** which is meant for networked variables?

ent:SetRenderBoundsWS( Vector( -100000, -100000, -100000 ), Vector( 100000, 100000, 100000 ) ) should do the trick.

Btw, is there some shortcut for making those shiny wiki links?

The wiki pages contain the BBCode.


You should be using the built-in hooks in the SWEP table. There’s a couple there.