Always Get accused of some something after a kill

Everytime i kill someone i get accused of something. When i get a headshot, i am aimbotting. When i glitch while running, Im speed hacking. When i live after some shots, Im godmode. People need to stop thinking everyone aimbots and hacks.

I laughed, nice shotgun bait and well done, i can relate to this so well.

I hear you man. However, try that and being the server owner…

Some guy ambushed me a couple of weeks ago. I was just killing animals and farming resources. He decided to fire on me with a silenced M4. Needless to say I turned around and fired back (but I suck at it XD) He hit me a couple of times and I decided to run for the hills. By the time I made it there I had used 3 large medkits.
I ran upon a rock and took out my shotgun, he came around and I killed him in 2 shots. Free kevlar, 2 c4, some grenades. You name it.

The guy immediately ragequit and never came back. I’m pretty sure he didn’t understand why I didn’t die after a couple of shots (or loads of them :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’ve also been accused of speedhacking, but that was a simple connection problem, I was rubberbanding like hell. Anyone who wouldve tried could probably have killed me… XD

Yea lol I know what u mean. People just think they are the best and can’t die. And when they do they want to blame it on jacks and don’t admit that they suck

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Lol I do own a server and it’s death mat, thankfully so I don’t get much bs

“Zeus is using godmode” :quagmire:

Yesterday i was playing in my own server and got 3 headshots (1 shot kills) with bolt action from almost the max range (around 400m) and immediately “ADMIN CHEATS HAXOR OMG GODMODE WE HIT YOU 5 TIMES IN THE HEAD IN A ROW OMGX ADMINZ ABUZE REPORTRED GODMODE” i was peaking from behind a tree and took those lucky shots. i have 300+ hours on record so i’m not a bad aimer either. FUn part is, they didn’t even lose anything. they are a big clan in our server too.

Maybe you should just grow a thicker skin and get used to it?
You’re on the internet. Being called a cheater is the least offensive thing that will happen here.

With the sheer number of people who have been banned and the (supposed) huge amount of money the asshats at AA have made selling Rust cheats, far more people are using ESP than anything else. There are even streamers who have been RECORDED ON STREAM admitting to using ESP.

It’s just a given that people are going to assume a good shot is cheating at this point. Get used to it. It’s nothing new and it’s not going to change. If anything I’m more likely to believe the people calling cheats if I don’t see you with any consistency. Cheaters who turn off their botting when admins are watching them will go from 5 headshot chains to barely being able to win with a shotgun versus a bow. Clearly something is wrong if your “skill” is completely random.

Best I’ve done so far is 2 hit someone from long range with a bolt action, other kills only with a shotgun, I suck with the rest of the guns (that includes the bolt action, sway is just ridiculous.)

Lol I can feel dat adrenaline rush in the beginning. Cool vid.

Yea man I was scared lol but thanks

There’s heaps of hackusations because cheating is running rampant, as it has really exploded the last 2 years.

When players make a critical error, it’s easier to call hax.

i hear that about others all the time (I still dont have anything better than a pipe shotgun) - but in all honesty - i hope they remove all of the modern weapons. They dont fit into this game.

Just my opinion

Assuming you honestly aren’t using any kind of cheats(not trying to turn this into an accusation by the way), just be proud that you did well enough that to some people the only way you could have done that well was to cheat. After all, almost everyone thinks THEY are the greatest at everything, so obviously someone better than them is cheating somehow as no one is better than them.

love this vid and those pussies reaction to getting owned. agree with dude above, you should be proud.

Been there, man.

One of the unfortunate side-effects of the aimbot is that you basically can’t get a headshot in Rust without being called an aimbotter.

Some servers have good admins that demand proof, or will investigate themselves. Others will simply ban on the spot.

On an “extreme” pvp server, I got a headshot on a guy who kept peeking me from a tower. He and his buddies immediately called aimbot, I got banned from the server due to “too many reports”.

I just take it as a compliment at this point.

Thanks man

Nice focus on the shadows for their attempt on the rock. Good planning on your part.

Your aim is atrocious and the people playing were even worse, sorry to end your happy streak - back to the point of the topic, the games community is terrible: this game has the exact community that call of duty (after promod) has

Holy fuck, same thing keeps happening to me. It’s ridiculous. “You’re a hacker…you have bad aim”