Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

Awhile Back, Before I knew what G-Mod actually was…I came across a video a lot like this one. Recently, I wanted to watch it again, but it was gone. I saw a lot of similar videos but they all…weren’t very good; So I decided to make my own. What do you guys think?

was it this video by any chance?

very amusing

Nahh, it wasn’t that one.

This one is gold, your isn’t, sorry.

It was okay, no matter how you look at it your posing is horrible. You really need to work on that more before you can make a good video.

Ahh, I thought I did alright…Now that you pointed that out…some of the poses really do suck…I’ll work on that.

Humm… One thing… This is basicly a video of screenshots of people dying/dead, Do something more.