Always Online

I know many people would love to be playing right now, even if its not up running the latest patch. Would it be possible to have the game running a working patch while the devs are building the new one. Tell me your Thoughts and Ideas for this. :slight_smile:

Well they wouldn’t get much testing if people kept playing an outdated version.

The point is too have people playing and finding bugs. Wouldn’t they be able to add the patch as soon as its done?

Why do people assume the devs are dumb.

If they had a way for us to play and not detriment any of their update progress and whatnot I’m sure they would want us to keep testing and playing. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure the devs had a fair reason for not wanting us to play during their update and patch times.

There’s a million and one reasons why they would want us to not play. If I was a dev this would be pretty Goddamn annoying:

Let the players play the game during update, every few minutes someone bitches and complains about an exploit or glitch that is currently being worked on.

To avoid situations like this, and to make game testing as smooth as possible for the devs, this would be a good reason to take down playability. The obvious other reason is one that I can’t fully explain, but would most likely have to do with a playable version and them updating create a conflict, thus impeding ability to do their thing.

As rovar mentioned, people would flame about the bug when the devs are fixing it, making it more stressful for the devs, wich could end up into a longer update period

Just getting this out of the way: I’m not really bothered by them taking the game down. This is only a suggestion/query. I have very limited knowledge of how games are made.

Is it impossible to keep the source code from the game and use it to test/improve upon the game without actually using the websites code? That way they could be updating the game without taking it down for all the people playing it, and the updates could be done in minutes instead of day.

Again, not worried that it’s down, I want them to improve upon it as much as possible. I just was wondering what separated this game from every other game I’ve played which implements updates in minutes by having the updates ready to go and essentially just copy pasta-ing them in. I assume it has something to do with the game being in a browser? I know I’m going to get a lot of shit for this, but I used to play runescape pretty religiously as a kid, and their updates were done in minutes as well.

If anyone has some cool knowledge they would like to share about developing games, here’s your chance. Thanks

Thats a good point Hazzoki.

The thing is, they were working on their patching and downloading system. Meaning they were kind of forced to do this anyway…
They may not have enough servers to do what the OP is saying anyway (yet, or maybe they do) - they still need a server to test on, you know.

“deploy builds more rapidly”

They are doing a lot of web and update pushing related work it seems.

if i understood this correctly is what you basicly said was that the devs would patch bugs of the games in minutes? wich would seem kindof extreme…

True Jackool, Being its still in the early stages we cant be sure what they are able to provide with the servers. They might not have the ability to run the servers and work on the build.

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No i think hes saying that they could make the build with the game still up. and the update its self only takes about a minute

They’re the professionals here, let them do their job.

Provided they have a way to test an offline client without requiring any connection to the server. I have no clue if they do, and it doesn’t seem likely that it’s that effective to do it that way.

A lot of cheating could potentially be exploiting your client side data, so by them using the server to play, they can test out the relationship between the client and the server. Playing offline would help I guess with adding new content, but if that was the case, you may as well test these out in an environment where they game will actually be played, (the server).

A potential example of doing it this way would be structures. Let’s say their offline version had no entity cap placed and they made new building things, but when they placed it on the server, it crashed because of some weird entity limit thing. They then have to take it down again, and fix whatever issues, so it’s better to be safe and test in the actual environment where the build will be going live.

This is just how I perceive it, I’ve never done server fixes and stuff before. It’s always been offline.

Yeah, they actually said after this they can push updates faster.

Look, fancy revision stuff on the right!

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Looks like they are implementing what I was asking about above. Thanks Jackool.

well lets see how it goes to plan :slight_smile: