Always Raided.

I made a house where someone had to use 10 charges to get to our stuff, this is a 10 person population server, and aforementioned, had to use 10 charges. They went directly to our loot boxes in our door maze and found our loot. What am I doing wrong? After losing 3,000+ gunpowder, I want to finally understand how to not worry about losing my stuff when I log back on. What is a secure house-style?

There isn’t one apparently. Maybe 20 metal doors can do the trick, but right now explosives seem so common that no matter how many doors you realistically make do much of a difference against established raids.

Charges are fine. Some people just need to play a bit more strategically at first to catch up. I will give you a couple of pro tips to help make your life easier in game.

Step 1. Raid towns or kill zombies for blueprints and a research kit so you can learn as soon as you get in game. Don’t worry about saving anything or dying and losing your stuff. At this point you just want to learn how to make the items.

Step 2. Build a one bedroom house on the edge of a resource field. This house is a temporary storage. Make a sleeping bag and a Bow set. Sneak out at night to gather if the area is populated with bandit’s. Use the furnace during the day while you are harvesting more mats.

Step 3. Scout a permanent location on the other side of the map if you have to. Most people don’t realize that there is another 3/4 of the map that is just empty space. Only downside is you have to walk a lot. Once you find your spot, slowly start taking stuff you have gathered to your new location. Always transport loot at NIGHT!

Step 3. Design your house in such a way that they are forced to go down long hallways of doors with the stairs to the next level at opposite ends every other level. If you pillar off the outside correctly, any attempt to build stairs to the top by raiders will be futile.

This way, as you continue to build up you are constantly adding more security to your house. It becomes a numbers game. How much C4 are the willing to gamble to get to your loot? Do you have any idea what its like to blow through 30 doors and find crap loot? Unless they find your C4 or sulfur and it’s more than what they used to get in… you win.

Use the little stash bags to hide your c’4. They are super hard to see, you have to be within like 3 feet for them to show on your screen. Hide these in crevices of rocks or in the middle of an open field somewhere within walking distance of your main base that would be highly unluckly for someone to happen upon by chance.

Hope this helps :smiley:

The fact that the only way to protect your house at night is to make big amounts of metal doors is just asinine and probably just an alpha mechanic. Not only because it’s generally boring to do, it crowds the servers with useless entities. it’s counter productive.

Having reinforceable doors would basically be the same, except more convenient for the servers and the players.

Instead of making multiple does, reinforce one multiple times. Take the same amount of resources and time, just saves space and resources.

Paying strategically won’t prevent large clans from raiding your base everyday at 4 am.

First off, there in no realy “Secure house-style”. You always risk losing your stuff.

And playing on a very low populated server, will not be very safe as there is so few houses to raid, and ppl farm all day’s long.

Best to learn the game(If you are new to the game) is to play on a “Med-populated server” ~30-40 players imo.

After that if you want to stack up alot of stuff later on, get a small 1x1 and start farming wood like a maniac. I usaly get myself like 1-2k wood planks.
Then build yourselft a “big” house that is like X amout of stories high depending on how much you managed to farm. And place ALOT of metal doors on each and every level of your house, all the way to the top. And dont leave and celings open on the roof as that will tend to drag attention for ppl to get up there and take a shorter way in.

Another must have when you get a house like this is to place plenty of “anti-greifing” pillars around your house.(Randomly placed foundations around your house). So others cant stairs next to your house and just blow up 2 walls and be inside.

You can also make more then one loot room and spread your stuff out abit, so they might miss a few things.

This is just a few pointers from me to you, the best is prolly to mess around with a few defferent options and se what works best for you! :slight_smile:

But i have been following a design i came up with myself for like weeks now, and have never been raided with it. Or well, they have tried two times, where they have used like 20 C4 one time, and around 50 C4 another. And it will take over 80 to get to my stuff atm! :slight_smile:

Good luck, and stay in there! :wink:

What do you do after 5 days when your house despawns? start again i guess? though if your not online to build another in time you loose all your gear?

Build your house like a coffin. Create the inside “rooms” and then build at least 4-5 rooms outward consiting of nothing but walls. You have to basically fortify yourself inside so they have to tunnel or go through 10+ metal doors. Also be aware an admin can spawn items so if they are willing to do so they will get into your building no matter what you build.

so how do you get in and out??

Make a single hallway with doorways, the rest all empty rooms 1x1 squares. Try making the doorways wrap around the building kind of like a spiral from the outside to the base where you store the loot. Then you are basically forcing the bandits to either blow through 10+ metal doors or tunnel right through the wall, which also takes a great deal of C4. This is much more effective with a metal building but works well with wood too. The only downside is having to open and close all the doors to get in and out but as of right now there is no other way to be secured.

I am also working on a building concept that if works correctly I will post on the forums for everyone to emulate. Let’s just say it is not a “square”. :stuck_out_tongue: