"Always run" option

This seems to be a feature that is found in many first person games going back well over a decade - the ability to have “always run” on so we don’t always have to hold down the SHIFT key to run.

Honestly, it’s not too often that you see anyone travelling in Rust that isn’t running anyway. Having the option to have run on permanently and using the SHIFT key to walk instead would be nice. I know my left hand is cramping up from playing keyboard Twister to hold down the SHIFT key all the time. Seems to me this would be extremely easy to implements via a single check box in the F2 menu alongside the “reverse mouse” command.

Num Lock, as WOW plz.

Im also for the option autorun that was for example in WoW on numlock.

However it’s implemented is irrelevant. As long as we can do it somehow and override it using SHIFT to walk again, I’m all for it.

Seriously, this has been a feature in most first and third person games now forever. Seems to me it’s a glaring omission in Rust.

Ah this again. I really don’t mind this if they make it as an option in F2. As long players can choose their preferred playstyle.

I’m very against the Numlock idea. I’m a lefty and I use the numpad keys instead of the traditional WASD (etc) keys.

FYI you can change your keybindings to do this. Bind sprint to w, bind forward to w, and enjoy.

Double tap W for sprint? I think this is the only way to make it more bearable. [Keep SHIFT too, ofc]

Cmon, set urself a macro on NumLock to “always run”.