always third peron in vehicles error?

Now, in gmod, whenever i get into a vehicle, it forces it into third person, i can press control key all i want, but it wont get back to first person view. i cleared my lua and addons folders and it still does it. please help!

If you are not afraid of losing every addon you have:

Delete your garrysmod/garrysmod folder (the second one, not the whole thing, the one in which the addon folder is). When you start garrys mod the game (i lose) should automatically rebuild it. If something really goes wrong there always the delete and redownload option.

Oh, and just so you know, the guide i learned from said rename the folder, but a step incloded was salvage anything you wanna keep, so i dont think that is necessary. Dont delete it before someone more experienced has verified this though…

yes, i even re-installed gmod and it still does it. i will do this too, then and see what happens

what the fuck is a peron