ALX Wiremod E2 PC & OS

Hello all, i want to introduce my ALX Wiremod E2 PC & OS:

This is dupe/expression2 code for wiremod addon.

More screenshots:


**Main features: **

  • PC BIOS, boot sequence.
  • Virtual CD Drive, HDDs.
  • Low-level WM1 File System what works with wire dupable HDDs/EEPROM.
  • WCD File System what used for wiremod CD Discs.
  • Expression2 BMP reader, draw on wire Digital Screen (up to 512x512).
  • Simple directory listing/file managing interface (DOS style).
  • Simple text viewer (ansii only).

More information and download on GitHub:


Story of this project:


Minimum server e2 settings requirements

  • Tick quota at least 15000 or higher.
  • Soft quota 4000 or higher.

Recommended e2 settings

  • wire_expression2_unlimited 1

How to install:

  1. Download repo as zip
  2. Extract files somewhere.
  3. Copy files from advdupe2 folder to “Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\data\ad vdupe2”.
  4. Start the game.
  5. Get advanced duplicator 2 tools in hand.
  6. Open “alx_pc_v1_1.txt” file and place it somewhere.
  7. Open “alx_hdd.txt” file and place it near PC.
  8. Open “cd_drive.txt” file and place it somewhere.
  9. Get Wiremod tab - Tools - Wiring tool.
  10. Wire “HDD_X” input on HDD Controller to HDD output on spawned HDD/CD Drive device.
  11. You are ready to startup your PC.