Alyx, A Turian, Wrex and Nonsense

With the recent discovery that there are more ME fans here than I thought, I figured I’d throw my 2 cents in.

And then there’s this…


I feel the lighting should have more of a blue tint, because of the muzzle flash.

Other than that, the posing’s nice and faceposing looks good.

Holy shit. Wrex=badass.

I hope Alyx doesn’t break her wrist firing the Casull.

Sweet angle. Nice overall screen shoot.

nice, love the animated one.

I love the pictures
Tali one felt that something was a bit off, cause what it seems to be a bat, or a metal leg, shows up in the left :raise:
The first one, with a little of editing, could look twice as badass ^-^
EDIT: nevermind the metal leg thing. Something didn’t load

OOOOOH, so thats why she has that bandage.

Wait, that doesnt make sense.

She’s got Casull in one hand and the revolver from Trigun in the other. Her wrists will be nonexistant after this little episode.