Alyx aiming

Multiple pictures = multiple SDOF takes.

Alright, first off you need to improve your posing before posting anything. Second, try focusing the SdoF on the character so everything isn’t out of focus. Fix these things, and you might be able to make something decent. If you try.

Why don’t you point out what’s wrong with the posing>
Also i deliberately included multiple SDOf takes which took over an hour + posing time to prevent that, guess it was worth nothing then.

She looks like she’s hovering.

Well, I can’t really tell if she’s jumping or standing on one foot. I’ve never seen anyone jump like that and if she’s standing on one foot… why? (:

I also don’t know why using SDOF would take an hour but I think the first picture looks the best myself.

I would suggest walking / running but she’s simply too straight and not in the right pose, maybe she’s falling?

or again, hovering, it seriously looks like that… damn magical wizard Alyx.

The posing is … odd. Standing with shoulders square to the target is odd for a start. Secondly, I can’t tell how she’s moving at all. Walking? Hopping? It’s quite ambiguous.

The camera angle is unnecessarily low.

One of the weirdest standing/running/walking poses I’ve seen.

Guys, its far from a troll pose, so be a bit more constructive.
The right leg is just a bit too high.
Practice walking in a circle for a bit, he wasn’t too far off.

what the fuck is she doing?

Aiming, of course.

Are you telling me you don’t dance while you aim your guns?