Alyx being zipped into a body bag.

Meh, just a quick one. How’s blood?

Zip her up, and take her back to their place later :smiley:

(ahem) but seriously, it’s pretty good. What killed her?

See the other body in the back? Fight I guess.

That’s one case where necrophilia is kinky…

Hehe, Le awesome.

Woah, didn’t even see that other body. Too focused on dead girls cleeeeeevage. :smiley:

+1 :v: to both of you.


Never thought I’d use this again.

They’re zipping up a slut?

Blood is fine I guess. Perhaps a bit more of it. But there is boobs, so all is as it should be:)

Nice pic. Where is the bag from?


Seriously, quite nice picture. I like the angle the most, though :q:

is that a bullet casing on the floor?

tits hoho!

Have you heard of fingerposer? it really improves poses like this

Can I rate you sir derp of herp? He used the finger poser on one of the hands which fits perfectly.

Also major clipping on alyx’s coat there.


Yes it is a casing, body bag is from Rare Model Pack, yes they are zipping up a slut (for later use.)

Needs moar blood.
But its good.

Well, I didn’t want to over do it.

Also thats a very nice camera angle :smugdog: