Alyx falling down a sahft while a rocket launches from it

Gordon threw a washing machine at her, weather or not this was a good time to do so is your choice.

Poor Alyx, it should have been a Dish washer, to symbolize the Kitchen she should have stayed in.

God dammit, why do men think women are either cooks or sex toys? THEY ARE MAIDS TOO YOU KNOW.

I am proud and safe knowing that my name is in the title.

Not all Women, just Alyx.

Shut up woman make me a sammish.

oh im sure she’ll be fine…just with 18 degree burns and needs to were a tube to breathe, and roll arround in a wheel chair…

Shit’s real now!

Marshmallow Alyx.

Very nice Dem. Like the cam angle.
Also I am sure there is a kitchen for her to land in.

If they’re sex toys they clean too you know?