Alyx First Concept Reskin V1

So I was looking at some shit about the beta and alpha of Half-Life 2, and I found this picture of Alyx Vance’s first concept picture:

So I went to gimp and started work on a reskin of Alyx to look like her first concept picture. It’s one of my first skins, so bear with it.

Download here:

Thanks, Gamerman12.

NOTE: In V2, I hope to have a Model, reforming the face and giving her goggles.

Is that bright effect from the model viewer or is ingame too?
Also I think the numbers on the forehead are on the wrong side.

The skin has been updated to remove the bright effect, and the numbers were also reversed.

Ill download it if you make one without the marks on her face and such. I only want the skin for the body.

Then do it yourself?

Not everything is handed to you on a silver fucking platter.

Sweet, I havn’t seen a reskin like this anywhere.
I can’t wait for v2 (aka, the model).

Yeah…this is only the start.

Let me be the first to say that she’d look AWESOME with a set of goggles and other equipment strapped to her…give her a kind of steampunk look.

I have never seen that before looks good though!

interesting idea fist model I’ve seen like this! Sure I’ve seen the missing information model with red hair but this one has a new face too.

Looks like she has shiny lipstick in the source photo. I’d say add that. Also the marks on her forehead don’t really look blended in, use the smudge tool or the like and blend them in.

In your “model”, do you plan to use the original beta textures, or will you be starting from scratch?

I doubt he’s even doing the model.

And the beta textures are smaller than a GTA:III texture.

She’s ugly as sin.

well i can say she isn’t my definition of hot but still pretty cute!

i love this :smiley:

Don’t we all!!

It looks like she has some major sunburn.

Either that or she works in a mine shaft.

looks like shes from RE5

She looks like someone took a shit.

…on her?