Alyx hiding from Combine Squad

I said no.

Is the faceposing supposed to be funny?

No. I take it that it was atrocious?

her thigh’s aren’t hidden

“Ooohhhhhh, booyysss…”

Why are they raping.

Get it? Raping? Rope.

Uhh… just forget it.


She needs better face posing. Looks like she’s crapping.

Maybe she is…

This is delicious. Like my butt.



omg,demoniclemon,your avatar is fucking scary

No, it’s creepy.

Wrong, it’s cute.

It’s something that I’d have sex with.

Damn right it is.

I’d tap it.


The combine don’t look bad, alyx looks like juliana wetmore and i see constraints in the background.

Also shitty map.

Four faggots out of ten faggots.

It’s the HL2 coast map. :golfclap:

It also looks like shit.