Alyx hiding from Combine.

That’s a really thin pistol.

alyx’s great, combine is posed strangely

How so?


So it can be hidden :smug:
Good one Fear, I really like the posing on Alyx.

Good posing, but I think you abused the noise a bit too much.

was it so hard to find the alyx gun in the models list?? it’s there, i’ve used it, anyway… looks good

Really nice camera angle. Good to see you got that right.
Posing on the combine seems a little off, but it’s okay.
Posing on Alyx is great, but the weapon choice is odd.
Her finger is clipping through the trigger.

Grain + letterbox =/= editing.
You need to do something to liven up your pictures now. This has good posing and all but the lighting is so flat and dull. Try and up the brightness and contrast a little bit as a start.

Nice posing, it looks nice.

Alyx her finger clips into the trigger of the weapon.
Cool though.

No borderland graphs on this one? :saddowns:

Nice posing on Alyx mate, but I think I’m late, everyone has already said it :stuck_out_tongue:

Can i has original?

Here, would of responded alot sooner but I was gone.

I actually like the original more.