Alyx in C17

In-game editing as usual.


Very nice work.

Pretty nice. The AK model looks a little big for her though. Maybe it’s the scaling, maybe it’s just because she has dainty little hands.

AK is a L4D2 model.

that ak is really not the best choice, but everything else fucking owns. nice work.

Nice pic ^^

Kudos for not using an ugly FF model

Damn you and your in game editing :frowning:


That is Freaking awsome !

This is fucking great.

My only real complaints are the AK alyx has looks a tad oversized, and that the rebel to the right who’s walking by should be leaning in the opposite direction. When you walk and raise your leg, you shift your balance over the the leg on the ground stationary.

She has a little clip in her arm.
But it looks amazing!

I like it. You could have used the sexier L4D2 street cone.

Amazing. That’s about all that needs to be said.

Vasili, I always love your shots.

Especially the pskin ones with all the knickknacks in 'em!


So simple but so goddamn awesome.

You should be saying kudos for not using a fugly CSS AK

Has City 17 gotten Americanized? Because thats a California traffic light, which by the way, how do you have that L4D stuff in gmod, mounted, or extracted, then added in? I sure don’t remember seeing that signal in a prop pack, unless you mapped it?

Her arm seems wobbly but you did hell of a good job none the less