Alyx in the Army

Digging around a bit and came across it. First attempts at isolation and stuff. What do you think?

Well you can tell the head and helmet are not originally from this picture… BUT better than I could do.

5 minute fix:

I seem to have messed up the border.

That is better, but her face still looks almost like plastic… to clean maybe… dirty it up a bit and maybe bring the saturation down a TINY bit.


Tha actually looks quiet a bit better, ok now get a shadow under her helmet, so that it doesn’t look pasted on her head… and you may have it.

Alyx is gonna get pwned. She stops every five seconds to talk.

i like it :smiley:
it reminds me of that austin powers face though XD

Thanks for the edits. The background is actually from my backyard.


I would say bang on.


You do better please.

“What the fuck am I doing here?”

That’s fucking good. Thanks man. You get an art water color set!


movie critics don’t make movies

a statement to live by, my friend

Charlie spotted!

Not bad! Though you say the background is your back yard? Not that it doesn’t work; it does. But if you used a map, the picture would be bigger and you’d have more space to do…everything.

It looks good smaller. Why have a huge picture simply showing what could be shown equally as nice looking as this in a smaller picture?