Alyx into the Matrix

Welcome to the Malyx !
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The filters are too strong.

Filter rape.


The filters are strong with this one…

It’s supposed to look that way you fucking retards. How else could she look in the matrix?

Now you’re just being dumb.

So…he should have drawn that by hand instead…? Seriously guys you say filter rape too quickly sometimes.

On the other hand you could have done a bit more to blend her better into the background and possibly simplify the resultant line drawing. Speaking about the eyes and hair area. The blue mixed into her outline also sticks out a bit, although without it she would blend into the text…I can’t decide whether or not I like the blue…doesn’t really matter what I think though, now does it :shobon:

Otherwise this is pretty original.

I’m not sure why you made a tutorial

The teal inside the green is terrible looking, hence everyone quoting from “The boy who cried ‘Filter Rape.’”

Besides the filtering, I like it, I can’t see why everyone is so on edge in this forum.

Wowa there angry one. Take a deep breath and know peace.

It’s really simple and does’t look that good.

I have not made a tutorial, I just wanted to show the steps

Yeah realy dumb!

thank you very much anyway

I dont like it. Any other alyx pose would have been better. Hell, it could have even been a rule 34 of alyx in the matrix.