Alyx is a fugly bitch

What’s the big deal? Why does everyone want nude skins for someone who is so fucking unattractive.

I don’t know, but I think I MIGHT know why. It’s probably for minges to go another level with NUDE ragdolls having sex instead of normal ones.

Why would anyone want them when we already have lots of them?

Doesn’t matter, Zoey is the new valve girl now :smug:

Nobody likes Rochelle. :saddowns:

“No medkit to see here folks, none at all.”

I thought the whole alyx interest died down like a year or so ago.

I think Alyx is hot. In a sort of hugs and cuddles sort of way. I doubt she’d be as attractive as she is if she was in the nude.

cuz she blklol.

Thats Racist.
You are a Bad Person.

I’d Take Zoey over the other 2 :smiley:

Lol, cartoon porn, show how much of a loser you are.

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I found this post informative. I didn’t waste any time reading it.

Have an informative rating.

You say that about the one from Left4Dead 2, but then what does that make Alyx? The scary thing is in L4D2, if I recall correctly, Rochelle is the actual name of the actress.
Now as for Alyx, I guess I am not sure why nude downloads for that single recent re-upload alone are in the thousands. While Zoey is mentioned, I do not know why, but I do get the feeling Zoey will also have several reuploads of nude models of her later on the gmod dl site, and other ones.



Guys do not pretend the nude models for the real actress, do they?

WOW that Alyx person really looks like Alyx, infact if she had Alyx’s weird hair I think they would be exactly the same.


Gaargh, garry’ is now NSFW thanks to those things. Couldn’t they at least remove the pics from those?

I just wanna see Xana and Leanna naked, noone cares about the Dark Messiah girls.

yeah because they use outdated source shaders

Alyx is fugly.
I gotta agree with the OP.

she is fat!!! XDXDXD

God damn. There are TWO nude alyx skins on the front page alone! Usually, you’d be unlucky to get one nude Faith or another obscure woman with her titties hanging out. Of course, it’s hot, but there are too many nude skins of Gmod.