Alyx Jiggle bones

Will someone post the files for some Alyx’s jiggle bones? Greatly appreciated if it works with the nude mod.

Gmod does not have jiggle bone support.

If you attempt jiggle bones in tits in gmod, you get “torpedo tits.”

Yeh that is true. And if I see one more person with that avatar, I swear i’m gonna scream.

I mean for HL2

Would only work in episode 2.

Default avatar

FILTER RAPED default avatar.

jiggle bones always work for me…

torpedo tits=dont exist in my gmod for some reason

Your argument is invalid.

Orly. What happened to the douchebag with his finger up his nose. Where have I been?

When the old facepunch went away, the old default douche with the finger also went away

I’d rather see a guy with his finger up his nose, than a dogs asshole.

I support the OP’s request. I bet fuckfactory will do that in his next cinematic mod.

i always thought it was a strange creature somewhat resembling and Kangaroo or a long-nosed howler monkey…

HAHAHAHAHA, I thought the exact same thing.

I beg to differ.

But that’s just the gmod version without jigglebone.

if only it were…

it has jiggle bones

Vids or it didn’t happen.

I completely agree with this.