Alyx Meets Counter-Strike: Source

My first gmod comic. Alyx comes to the world of CS:S. Yes it’s supposed to be funny and cheesy, not any OMG SERIOUS BUSINESS styled comic, so dumb ratings are welcome.

Not that great bad posing and bad editing.

I don’t get it. Rated you boxes.

It wasn’t supposed to be a fucking 100% good comic! Jesus christ, nobody’s perfect! It was supposed to be a fucking COMEDY comic! Which means it is MADE CHEESY AND RETARDED on purpose!

But I guess all of you are just total hardasses with no life that go around newest threads and bash them just because you can do better, because you joined facepunch a LOT before I did.

I CAN take critism (if it’s constructive), but this is just too much.

He’s not trolling, he’s right.

I believe you just said that every single member on facepunch had no life. Not something you want to do really.

Excuse us for giving our opinions then. And saying that it being “cheesy and retarded” is no excuse for having a comic like this. Poor quality.

Even if it’s true! :v:
I kid I kid.

But anyways, comic wasn’t good, you should have expected this much criticism from a forum full of spiteful people like us. And apparently you can’t take criticism, because this wasn’t even that much and you’re flying off the goddamn handle.