Alyx Michael Jackson from Thriller reskin

I’m currently recreating Michael Jackson’s thriller setting in source,so would someone be interested working with me and reskin Alyx into MJ with the red thriller jacket.
Don’t ask dumb questions like “lol the black or the white 1”,nor I give a damn about your opinions on him.
Shouldn’t be all to difficult.
Some pics of the map WIP

looking really good! Tho, I think it would be better having an actual Jackson model.

That map looks great!

Oh wow. You should make a singleplayer level where you have to run from werewolves and zombies or something :stuck_out_tongue: OR ZOMBIE SURVIVAL MAP AMIRITE?

someone actually used zombies models from left 4 dead and made it look like thriller, if he used this map it would of been perfect.

Your map looks sweet!

But does micheal really look that feminine that you’d really want alyx to be skinned to look like him? :crossarms:

Why not some other model? Granted, none of the other citizens look remotely like micheal, but the whole concept is still unusual to me.

Sorry Lamarr, that I could’t do that the past days, but for me it was weird that you wanted Alyx as the model that should get reskinned.Then I excused myself for not being an organic skinner. :Dawkins102: Sorry pal.

And I found a very good skin of Michael Jackson for The sims 2,if you give me a way to rip him,I’ll do.

Looks great but not the thriller one and doesn’t look like him.

The map looks awesome so far.


I’ll do a sim with them and then rip the model if I can^^
Well,I think that the gangster suit is not the same so we can retexture it or find another one better lol

Good luck with your project, I hope you’ll make something awesome :science:

Can anyone find a better gangsta suit for the sims 2?

Hmm, I think I should be able to make alyx look like MJ. When do you think you’ll be done the map?


I’ve just been scarred for life…

Please try to contact me via msn

Ok,so you want red suit x_x

Shame on you comparing Michael to Alyx :frowning:

Map is almost complete,anybody?

I just wanna see Louis from L4D dressed up like Thriller MJ dancing with a bunch of Infected.