Alyx owning zombies

What if it was Alyx that was sent to do all the lynching in the story of HL2 & episodes?

  1. The story would be a mess
  2. I would get flamed for posting screenshots of storymode as my own:

NOTE: more pics below!

Be careful what you wish for, you zombie punk.

serious marksmanship.

yes, they advanced quite a bit. then again, alyx had to holster (or hang, whatever) the revolver too.

The official anti-zombie weapon in use.

an alternate, more experimental angle.

So, is this any good? Or any better than the thread about dog flailing the CP around in gm_construct?

If so, I have some more of this, and some alternate angles, plus I’ll carry on the scene even further than I already have, whether I’ll post it or not. As you can see, she still has an unused pair of smg1’s on her.

some questions, if someone more experienced than I would care to answer:

  1. Is there a “fixed” version of the .357’s model anywhere around? it’s see-through from the front in the right side (again, from the front) of the cylinder.
  2. Is there a better way to get zombies with attached headcrabs than spawning them as npc’s and killing them with the crowbar (while AI is disabled and so on)?
  3. Is there a fix for limbs freezing at some position (not in space, but in extension), I had to spawn a new Alyx every second pose, and both the zombie’s both elbows froze at around a 90 degree angle.
  4. Is there a way to remove the cable dangling from the fast zombie’s forearms? Cleanup rope-based constraints won’t work. I’m pretty sure that they didn’t have a matte black plastic-looking electrical cord flailing between their elbow and wrist in the game.


EDIT: lol, this got one autobox from the script and that made five more rate dumb? lol.
EDIT: (later) a funny? why on earth? Clint Eastwood reference? Hell, I’ve failed hard if that’s what’s left on top of people’s minds of the OP.
EDIT: (even later) and an informative? You’re fucking with me on purpose aren’t you?

Yeah, that spammer rates all dumb with that script.

Well, it’s just not that interesting of a picture!
As for limbs freezing, that happens to me when some things are moved a bit further than they should go on the model.
As a lot of people say, don’t use the generic HL2 weapon models, and if you want headcrab zombies, just kill them with a Barnacle.

Oh, and the zombies need blood, and wounds, it just looks silly without.

I like, nice posing. The zombies are a bit overdone though, but nice overall.

Good posing, except for the zombie to the right on the 5th shot. Bad weapon models, download better ones.

Zombies need blood coming from the wounds etc.

This extra low-poly magnum model hurts my eyes
wow it didn’t take a micro-second that i got a dumb rating…there must be either a hacker or a glitch in the forum

Yeah, I found out on another thread while browsing and waiting for replies to this one. Thanks anyways. It’s actually a script though.

Which one of them, or all of them?

Are there better (higher poly, for example) versions of the original HL2 weapons? I used them here on purpose because it is sort of an alternate universe of the game. I do agree though, the quality of the .357 model is hideous. Not the smg1 or the shotgun though, but meh, whatever the public thinks.

Also, thanks for the tips and info.


And yeah, I have to admit. Part of it is because of the limbs freezing, but meh, excuses. I’d love to be able to move the headcrabless zombies’ necks.

Thank you!

I’ll download better weapon models for future pics, that’s for sure. Especially since I’m not planning to only do HL2-related stuff, so having out of universe weapons wouldn’t be that stupid.

A couple of q’s though:

  1. Which packs would you recommend?
  2. Are there better versions of the original models? They might be of use sometime too
  3. Do I need to have CSS for the packs to work?

Also, do you mean I’d have to edit pictures in photoshop (or something of the like) to even achieve an on-par quality, or just that I should use the “paint” tool to add blood to the zombies? Also do you mean “ambient” blood on them or around the maw, so that they look more different compared to each other, or blood in places they’ve been shot? The latter I did do on the headcrabs though, but by hitting them with the crowbar.

EDIT: should I post the rest of the pictures? Are these worthy of it? And also, is it better to edit the OP or put them in a later post?

  1. I’d say Larry’s weapon pack, it has shitloads of awesome stuff and even more.
  2. If there are, at least I don’t know about it.
  3. Don’t think so, because usually the weaps are just new models, not new CSS guns.


Not enought post processing effects

It’s good, a bit generic though.

thanks, but no thanks, especially since they replace the original models. They’re good for combine (goes figures, they’re called “combine [insert weapon here]”), but don’t work for the purposes of these screenshots.

I guess I’ll have to start using the M5’s and SPAS’s and shit that everyone else is using. Now that’s what I think is generic.

I really need this seconded until I’m gonna believe it. Is it true that post processing, meaning outside game editing, is a must to achieve even par quality?

Yeah, I know, Alyx and zombies have always been popular subjects. I have an explanation, or excuse, though, decide for yourself which it is.

That is that alyx is the only suitable model whose legs part enough for a good-looking kick. That’s what how she’ll defeat the remaining zombie:

Oh dear… is the revolver clipping? I hope not.

by the way, that kick’s called a Mawashi Geri, or a round kick… pretty much all I still remember about the half a year I did karate :stuck_out_tongue:

I was planning to aim the kick at the zombie’s head, but even she can’t pull of the splits to do that.

and again, a sketchier alternate angle.

If I manage to get arsed, next she’ll be maiming that fast zombie, naturally.

Oh, and of course, thanks for the comments and criticism!

The last one is very cool.


Now seriously, should I carry on with this “storyline”, or drop it because it’s too generic and doesn’t use custom models?

Or should I drop screenshots altogether cuz I can’t edit them?

How about you pose and I edit? Or you post them to the “Edit mah screenshotz” thread?

sounds good.

Still, are these too generic or should I finish the storyline (I still ahve some stuff in my head, I “only” need to pose it)

btw, ffs, haven’t they gotten rid of the troll(s) using the autobox script? Dumb fuckers, would think someone’d want to be original and make an auto"gay"bow script, but no, all are copies of copies of copies, scritping automatic box ratings -.-’

EDIT: Oh lol, I feared this would happen. As I said I had to spawn new alyx ragdolls because of limbs getting stuck. I meant to use the ep2 alyx all the time because it looks more robust and hence badass, and at least they say in the comments that it’s higher poly and the textures are more detailed. but I accidentally spawned the HL2 alyx once, and now her jacket sometimes has the bloody holes and sometimes hasn’t :ohdear:…

Not bad but ugh, that revolver model is fugly.

I know, I’ll use better models for my newer screenshots if and once I get around to start making them.

I’ll finish this “series” with that one on her hip though, since she won’t be using it in this storyline anymore.

Also, I’ll repeat a question here since people seem to like reading my newer posts more than the OP:

is there a way to fix that idiotic-looking electrical cord dangling from fast zombies? Both the NPC and the ragdoll have it at least in my Gmod, haven’t checked halved ones.

HEY Drsalvador and i made the barnacle bug technique

What do you mean bug? barnacles kill anything in one go even in the game, hardly a bug.

But still, good to know, not that I’d have credited it to anyone if I passed the tip around.

Comments on the actual thread though?