Alyx punching Breenster in the faceth.

God damn…

please stop putting your name on them it makes me like you less.


god damnit.

Oh and Breen’s hand looks like he’s got a rash on it.

Nothing I can do about that i’m afraid. 'Tis the normal maps on the breen model ;C

You could just, like, you know, remove the normal maps?

Yeah but, that would ruin the rest of the model. I like a normal-mapped Breen.

I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned Alyx’s withered arm yet

I’m surprised nobody noticed he’s still not using super dof despite how it’s already been fixed.

It hasn’t. Garry said the fix will be in the next update.

Yes because every picture must have SDOF and if it does not it is horrible

the flying blood doesn’t look like it matches up with the angle of incoming fist

I think it’s more about the fact that he did use SDoF, yet didn’t render it, which ended up looking worse than it would have without any SDoF.

Alright. We talked about cleavage. I see none. And I told you to go for the kick. Still as it is Breen, anything fast moving hitting him is good I guess.

oh and she is punching him with her fingers instead of the knuckles

Sdof crashes me :c