Alyx reskin

Hello all, i bet that many of you know this one

A reskin for alyx, but i have one problem. Cause im using it in ep2 and as told in the description, she changes back to her old skin when she i attacked by the hunter. Its says that to change this you have to go to the model files and make a copy of each of them, and then change the names to alyx_ep2.
But then, i’v tryed that. Tryed many times. But it just doesnt work, what can i be doing wrong?
Do i have to delete old files?
Do i have to rename all six files in the models folder?
Shall i put it in episodic or ep2?
If any of you can explain it to me that would be great!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Actually, Alyx has another set of textures for the rest of the game after she is attacked by the hunter. Those bloodstains on her jacket aren’t seperate textures, Vlave just gave her a new set of textures to make er look more sickly, wartorn and whatnot.

The skin is called alyxhunted_sheet.vtf, and alyxhunted_faceandhair.vtf . Simply change the material names to that and see if it works.