Alyx saves a woman from being raped

I’ll give this a try. Wanna be rapist get’s it.


Nice posing btw
If someone could make some simple editing (Movement, hits and maybe some extra blood) this would be perfect!

Awesome XD I espicially like the cut scene that says CRACK!

Thanks guys. I would add blood and splat if I was any good with photoshop. Which I ain’t:)

Dumb rating??? Some one having a problem with the rapist not winning:)

Posing is a bit stiff, but the overall idea is ok. Alyx needs a one-liner, tough.

I think this should be in the comic section, shouldnt it?
Still funny tho

Was playing with the idea. Went for pics only. Perhaps she should have one.

I wouldnt really count it as a comic, because it doesnt have any speech bubbles/title.

I was unsure where to put it. But since it don’t have speech bubbles it’s strictly not a comic. I really don’t know.

is that vin diesel

Are you high?

lol no. A model from the Fakefactory m8 pack. Or something like that.