Alyx to rally the resistance - Pinup attempt

if I saw that on a wall I’d be promptly shooting myself

clearly the resistance is made of plastic and botox

Agreed. Alyx looks like a WHORE. Good work on the poster though.

Pinup =/= dirty ho on a street corner.

…isn’t that most models?


and that is why I can’t stand them

The filters and shadows on the ground really kill the mood of the picture to be honest. I assume you were trying to go for a ww2esque poster. Those tended to have pretty clear lines and larger flatter colour areas. quick example

So more airbrushed than grungy should have been the approach.

am i the only one who has the impression that she’s pregnant?

I’d have her on a rocket or DOG or headcrab canister or something, with a more jolly expression, like the ones in World War II.

No wonder so many people join…

No. She does look knocked up. I notice some have troubles with slutty looking models. So what?

A couple of fire breathing whores have never hurt anyone.


Now if you find an electric throwing whore…

What’s wrong with her belly button?

She looks fat.

She looks fake.

Almost as if she was made in a factory.

no no,i mean her belly looks huge when you don’t directly look at it…knowwhatimean?

An important part of a pinup is the pose. This is not an erotic pose at all. The other thing is the post-processing, which make everything look dirty and moldy. Also not erotic.

And clearly manlike shoulders.


moral of story: fakefactory is a talentless hack and nothing he ever makes even begins to look good, don’t use it