Alyx Vance - Friends and Family


more alyx gogogo

My only complaint is Kleiners hand.

wtf her family is white

Alyx needs to be hit by a bus.

Way to much bloom.

What is it with these Alyx poses.


Magnificent microwave casserole.


is alyx trying to seduce her dad


No, ingame bloom is what is causing this.

You think you know what I’ve done. But you don’t.

Oh, but we can tell it’s bloom from the way the vertical lines show from the “brightness” as seen on Magnusson’s legs.

Light Volume tool.


As you can see the original doesn’t have bloom on magnussons legs.



Only difference I saw from original to the edited was that you toned up the brightness and contrast, making the bloom on the legs much more visible.

That’s bloom.

But this can’t be.

I fucking told you it was Bloom.

I have more EXP at this, I AM A HIGHER LEVEL

Maybe my lamps or maybe it’s how the Light Volume makes a horizontal stripy bloomy effect.

Maybe it’s 2012 when I give oral sex to a physician.

Why isn’t Gordon in there?

He’s practically both friends and family.

Why is Magnusson missing a hand?