Alyx Vance hands.

I was wondering, would anyone take a few minutes out of their schedule to make a replacement for the normal hands from Alyx Vance? Unfortunately, I haven’t ripped models before and i don’t want broken textures, etc. .mdl will do fine.
In case you were wondering why, i’m doing an Alyx Vance mod (new animations, cool melee attacks e.g. kicks, finishers), and of course… having her arms would be helpful.

ah, I’ve seen this mod. However as for the model, you’ll be very lucky if anyone even attemps. Alot of requests don’t get done nowadays. In fact, as of now the appropiate title for this section is:


For those members who have nothing better to do!

So… yeah. Good luck with that elsewhere. I’ve about had it up to here with facepunch.

I really hope you’re an alt, otherwise you have no right to say so, what do you know about this forum with a 7-month membership?

You got butthurt because ONE request got ignored? wow. most requests get ignored here, and yet the people who are ignored dont go around saying: “o this sektin suks i got ignoard facepucnh sux kthxbai”

Grow up kid.

One request? That’s funny. Look, if you paid any attention at all you’d see just how much shit got ignored, not including mine. (Because mine actually wasn’t ignored, and even attempted… but then dropped)

Anyways, all I’m saying is that I seriously doubt this is gonna get anywhere, or most requests for that matter. I’ll admit not all get treated like this, but most do. Is telling others the request is most likely never gonna get done so wrong? I think it’s time YOU grew up. And I’m not even gonna rate, cause that’s how people talk nowadays. They’re too scared to actually say something, so everything they see gets rated “dumb”.

Okay, fine. I’ll do it myself. Thanks for sparing a minute of your time.