Alyx Vance + Megan Fox = ......

Just an idea I had one night. Turned out pretty well.


(I used the arms of the snowman in cs_office as hair. lol)


Oh god the Hair.

Why does she have antlers?

Sir. Kindly take a look at that hair again.

Now tell me what’s WRONG.

how else would you do hair?


Or you just shouldn’t have done it at all and left her as she is because your “hair” completely ruined what is actually a fairly decent pose.

Yeah. Youre prolly right the snowman arms arent really up to par. The pose is pretty spot on though.


I guess I didnt really want to use Photoshop, (or GIMP in my case) just for the challenge.
(except the background obviously)

Good idea, Bad execution

someone do a good version of the hair

That har is shit
And alyx is very bad cut.


Dread locks :open_mouth: lol

She now looks more like horny deer.



Megan Fox + Alyx makes a horny Deer? Didn’t see that one comin’.



Oh, that’s what that stuff was…