Alyx Vance Next Project FIRST Screenshoot

Hello friends, we are presenting first ever screenshoot from our next machinima.

Story for now we will not reveal. we hope soon enought, there will be teaser :slight_smile: Please tell us what u think about this scene?

Nice resolution. Unfortunately I can’t find my magnifying glass.

Sorry, fixed :slight_smile:

why is it not recommended for 14+?

For a deep and great story I’d recommend you use the original Alyx model.

What’s a Screenshoot?

Look’s nice but I urge you not to use that baby doll model it just looks just so out of place.

It’s a shoot equivalent to film shoot where you take multiple screenshots of a pose.

@Beanz becouse there is too much violence
@wraithcat it’s original Alyx, but with better quality textures.
@pvt.jenkins this is shot from first scene, and she is not dead, believe me.

…That’s why it’s for people who are more than 14 years old? …What’s your logic, boy?

It’s obviously going to be so crap that only people under the age of 14 will like it.

I mean its not recomended Under 14 years old, becouse there is violence. :wink:
edited, of course everybody can watch it! In cinemas, where there is horror movies, there is " Not recomended under 14" its normal in europe.

So it’s not suitable for people who are over 14? It has violence, so only people who are younger than 14 years old should watch it? What?

And that’s not just original Alyx with higher rest textures, it’s also an Alyx with massive breasts and a specifically cleavage and midriff revealing outfit.

Look up post.Sorry for bad english. what i mean, its not recomended under 14! thats all, of course everybody can watch it. but there are parents control for violence and blood.
@simkas no this Alyx is with normal boobs(not Lima like )

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From wikipedia :
suitable for people aged 14 and above only

Sorry for bad English! :rolleyes:

Usually in my country it’s “Not suitable for minors (aka. K-18)”.

From the amount of visible skin I can tell you it’s not the original Alyx.

Here’s a decent HD reskin for comparison