Alyx Vance The messenger Teaser

Hello Friends!

This is very tiny teaser for our next machinima called “Alyx Vance : The messenger”
We will not spoil anything. release date Q4. Please note, this is not final visuals.
Please dont be too critic, its our real first machinima.

Is pretty good, ever think of using the color mod to to change the contrast/brightness/color dynamic?

Thanks mate. yes of course, its “raw” footage, its still in production, when we will finish, we will make color correction, vignette, noise, lens flares and e.t.c

What’s that creepy thing at 0:06/7?


It’s Cremator :wink: you will see(The model never released by Valve).

This week later will be releas trailer :slight_smile:

Standing NPCs and weird angles, I’ll be back once this is actually something interesting to look at.