Alyx vs L4D Survivors

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That is some serious stop-motion…

lol. Thanks. :smiley:

Looks like Rochelle survived


That’s awesome. The stop motion looks so good. How long did it take you to make it?

lo. Yeah. I plan on making a part two.


Thanks :)Hmm. I didn’t do it all at once. If I had to guess mabey about a few weeks on and off.


I had a few ideas for my next video. I was mabey thinking a match between the old survivors and Alyx in a new environment. Or some kind of horror movie.

jesus christ, that was brutal and brilliant. I am VERY Impressed!.

looks so damn smooth. some of the facial expressions didnt even look like it was made from stop-motion.

FakeFactory Alyx model.

This is like HQR
High quality Life

Nice dude

Thanks a lot guys. I definately prefer stop-motion over the regular style GMOD movies. I always liked horror and thriller movies in real life so I figured I’d make a GMOD movie like that.

The stop motion is too fluid. If it was jerky Stopmotion, it wouldn’t have been thrust screaming into the Uncanny Valley.

Lol epic.
When Nick was like:“BITCH” I laughed.

cool and a bit weird

lo. Heck yeah it is.

lol the funnyest part was where coach got stabbed n the throat, serious face poser mess-up. that part was funny not scary or freaky because his lips where like pukkered like he was trying to kiss the blade…:smithicide::comeback:

lol. I never really thought of it like that. Originally when I made the video I didn’t really want to make it scary until I found some scary music. I made the video up as I went along, believe it or not I was going to have the survivors fending off zombies in a house and I was going to include jets and military and other stuff. As for the face posing, I found it kind of hard to imagine what your mouth would look with a knife coming out, lol. I would assume it would be in a kind of “O” shape. Call me crazy but animating someone getting killed is the most fun. When you film these you never really know how smooth your animations are going to look until you really put all your shots together and get a look. I had fun in making this video and I would love to see more people using stop motion in the future for their videos.

you did good though, i watched it 3times before i noticed it it froze right wen he got stabbed and i noticed… :quagmire:

That was really great. Looking forward to more.

The animation is good, but the video is too dark and has too many effects.

Also, some of the animation is pretty slow. Try accelerating the rate the characters are moving when they are being animated. As in, start slow, go fast, then go slow again.

The animation was pretty smooth, though, good work. It just needs improving.